Invention Convention

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to announce the 38th Annual Invention Convention! We hope your children are excited about being inventors! My name is Craig Angelini and I will be this year's IC Coordinator.  The Invention Convention will be held in person at Cinnaminson High School in March, but there is much to do between now and then.


This event has a designated Google Classroom that Inventors/parents will use to access our invention convention information and resources. Codes for the Google Classroom will be sent via email to the registrants, or can be accessed below.  In addition to the invention resources, you will find enrichment activities for your inventor!  Invention Logs can be completed digitally or handwritten. The digital log and video presentations will be submitted via Google Classroom by Monday, March 6th. All poster boards and printed/handwritten logs MUST be completed and dropped off at Cinnaminson High School between 2:00 - 4:00 on Wednesday, March 8th.


At the heart of the Invention Convention program is collaboration. Your inventors might need your help in various stages of the invention process. The work should be completed by the inventor, however, there are a lot of ways parents can assist in our invention program! Below you will find an overview of the steps & resources provided to your inventor.


38th Invention Convention “At-A-Glance”: Click the blue text to view resources. 


  1. Register for the 38th Invention Convention.

  2. Join the designated Google Classroom Invention Convention Google Classroom.

  3. Join the virtual information session Tuesday Feb 7th 6:00- 7:00 pm.  

  4. Review the Invention Process using the Inventor’s Guide.

  5. Mentoring Sessions & Access to learning resources will be provided via Google Classroom. 

  6. Use the Google Classroom Assignment “Inventor’s Log” to begin documenting the Invention Process!  Students can choose their log format( digital/handwritten). Parents: Use the tips/link provided in the margins and speaker notes to guide your inventor through the digital log. 

  7. Check your email and Google Classroom for updates. 

  8. By March 6th “Turn-In” the following items to Google Classroom:

    1. Completed Inventor’s Log - if you chose to complete this process digitally (please also print out - see next step)

    2. Inventor’s Video Presentation (.mov,.mp4, Youtube link, Shared Google Drive Link)

    3. Inventor’s Summary Form

  9. March 8th Drop off these item at CHS:

    1. Your PRINTED or HANDWRITTEN Invention log/notebook

    2. Poster Board using this format.

  10. Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place for each division) will be announced the week of 3/9. All students will receive certificates. Winners will receive small scholarships.  Awards Ceremony -Thursday March 9th 6:00 pm CHS Library. . 


See additional information below. 



While the guide and log can be completed individually by the inventor, we asked that you foster and facilitate your inventor’s creative thinking! If you need a little inspiration to help your child, take a look at the videos & movies options below. Convergent Thinking VS Divergent ThinkingIDEO: Shopping ChartAbstract - On NetflixThe Theory of EverythingThe Social Dilemma


Problem identification assistance:

Inventions should solve problems from the lives of our inventors or their communities. Inventors should be passionate about the problem they hope to solve. We encourage you to communicate with your children throughout the invention process. Your children may begin to ask about the problems you face or problems you see around the world and in the news. Please encourage your inventors to speak with family members and friends and record their learning in their Invention Log. This is a great way to start coming up with ideas for solutions (inventions). Thinking of an idea for an invention can be the hardest part of the Invention Convention program. It requires collaboration, observation, and reflection. Thank you for helping your young inventor brainstorm ideas and iterate solutions!


Selecting materials: 

Soon, your child will begin to build a prototype. Students should begin to look around their house now for possible building materials. They can place items (glue, tape, paper towel rolls, boxes, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, PVC pipes, Velcro, etc) in an invention box to gather it in one place. Encourage your inventors to use recycled materials. If you have to purchase new items, please do not spend more than $50. Repurposing and recycling are celebrated over purchasing new materials! We encourage you to attend one of our Design Labs, at Cinnaminson High School. Through this experience students will receive access to learning & prototyping tools. Information will be communicated via Google Classroom. 


If you and your child are new to the Invention Program, I can assure you that experience is extremely rewarding for everyone involved. Parents and inventors are welcome to join an informational session which will also be posted on Google Classroom.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to Mr. Angelini ([email protected]).  


Lastly, I want to recognize Elaine Mendelow for her fierce dedication to fostering children’s creativity and innovation. Elaine, former coordinator of the Invention Convention, established this program 37 years ago. Throughout the years, students' inventions have been showcased on major news channels, on KYW Radio, and even on Good Morning America. One of our inventors received a patent and her product was manufactured in Taiwan. Our program has been featured in the NJEA Review magazine and a special on the invention program was showcased on New Jersey Network. Elaine undoubtedly inspired and impacted the lives of many children throughout the years in our community. Thank you for your support in continuing this annual tradition.



Craig Angelini

Invention Convention Coordinator